A Monster Calls (J.A. Bayona, 2016, USA)

I first read the brilliant novel A Monster Calls written by Patrick Ness almost two years ago. Immediately after finishing the last page I went to my son and told him that we were going to read it together. That night I began it again, reading it out loud to him. The novel so moved … Continue reading A Monster Calls (J.A. Bayona, 2016, USA)


Bella (Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, 2006, USA)

#100 in my top 100 spiritually literate films is Bella. This is a film that treads lightly but sensitively around abortion, adoption, and the sanctity of life. It’s a tragic but ultimately triumphant film about overcoming evil with good by confronting your own demons and learning to care for those that can’t care for themselves. … Continue reading Bella (Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, 2006, USA)