A Monster Calls (J.A. Bayona, 2016, USA)

I first read the brilliant novel A Monster Calls written by Patrick Ness almost two years ago. Immediately after finishing the last page I went to my son and told him that we were going to read it together. That night I began it again, reading it out loud to him. The novel so moved … Continue reading A Monster Calls (J.A. Bayona, 2016, USA)

Grave of Fireflies (Isao Takahata, 1988, Japan)

#97 in my list of top 100 spiritually literate films is Grave of Fireflies. This is the heartbreaking anime story of two orphans left to survive on their own after air raids wipe out their town and kill their mother. The older brother is caring, protective, and selfless as he stops at nothing to give … Continue reading Grave of Fireflies (Isao Takahata, 1988, Japan)

Arrival (Denis Villeneuve, USA, 2016)

"If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things?" This line is at the heart of this film. It is the idea that haunts the screen from the very first images to the last scene and consumes the main character, Dr. Louise Banks. When alien spacecrafts have landed in … Continue reading Arrival (Denis Villeneuve, USA, 2016)